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FERC Approves Annova LNG Brownsville

FERC has issued approval for the Annova LNG Brownsville Project. Annova LNG Common Infrastructure, LLC; Annova LNG Brownsville A, LLC; Annova LNG Brownsville B, LLC; and Annova LNG Brownsville C, LLC are planning to construct, and operate a liquefied natural gas (LNG) export facility in Cameron County, Texas.  The project will include a new LNG export terminal capable of producing up to 6.95 million metric tons per year of LNG for export.  The LNG terminal would receive natural gas to the export facilities from a third-party intrastate pipeline. Annova anticipates a five-year construction period. The facilities for the project include the following major components: gas pretreatment facilities; liquefaction facilities (six liquefaction trains and six approximately 72,000 horsepower [hp] electric motor-driven compressors); two LNG storage tanks; boil-off gas handling system; flare systems; marine facilities; control, administration, and support buildings; access road; fencing and barrier wall; and utilities (power, water, and communication). Construction is slated for 2022 with a partial in-service date of 2024.

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