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TC Energy Set to Increase Natural Gas Exports to the Western U.S. with Pipeline Expansions – 4/16/2021

According to reports, capacity additions underway in annual stages on three TC Energy Corp. pipeline subsidiaries are set to increase Canadian natural gas exports to California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington during 2022 and 2023.

The coordinated expansions are called the West Path.

TC Energy is saying this quiet approach as “in-corridor” and “bolt-on” pipeline additions where public, regulatory and political stakeholders are familiar with gas deliveries.  

The stealth growth strategy drops big projects that stir fossil fuel commotion by breaking new ground. Focus switches to decades-old TC pipeline corridors, where markets and regulators accept gradual delivery increases as natural.

West Path, forecasted to cost C$1.2 billion ($960 million) in Canada and $335 million in the United States, would increase gas exports by about 260 MMcf/d or 10% through a delivery network dating back to 1961.

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