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Columbia Gulf Files FERC Application for the Louisiana Xpress Project

Columbia Gulf Transmission, LLC has filed an application with the FERC to construct and operate the Louisiana XPress Project. Issuance of the Environmental Assessment from the FERC is expected February 7, 2020 with a final EA decision slated for May 8, 2020.The project will create 493,000 dekatherms per day (Dth/d) of incremental mainline capacity on Columbia Gulf’s pipeline system. The incremental capacity created by the project, in conjunction with the utilization of existing capacity, will allow for open access firm transportation service on approximately 850,000 Dth/d of capacity on a north-to-south path from Columbia Gulf’s Mainline Pool to a primary point of delivery with Kinder Morgan Louisiana Pipeline LLC in Evangeline Parish, Louisiana. The proposed facilities in Louisiana include three new compressor stations: the Shelburn Compressor Station in East Carroll Parish, the Red Mountain Compressor Station in Catahoula Parish, and the Chicot Compressor Station in Evangeline Parish. It also includes upgrades at one existing facility, the Alexandria Compressor Station in Rapides Parish. The new facilities will tie into the already existing Columbia Gulf Transmission System. The estimated cost of the project is $471,588,011.

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