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Permian Highway Pipeline Nears Completion – 7/26/20

Kinder Morgan’s highly anticipated Permian Highway Pipeline Project is now nearly mechanically complete. The company also noted that mainline compression on the project is almost complete.

Inspectors with the Railroad Commission of Texas are continuing critical inspections of the Permian Highway Pipeline.

Pipeline Safety inspectors have conducted multiple inspections of pipeline installation and pipe yards. The inspections include but are not limited to welding, pipe transportation procedures, coating thickness inspections, backfilling of trenches; safety equipment operability, and materials records. 

Kinder Morgan expects the US$2 billion pipeline to go into service in early 2021.

The Permian Highway Pipeline Project will have a capacity of 2.1 bcfd (59.4 x 106 m3/d) through approximately 425 miles of 42-inch pipeline. The project’s goal is to transport natural gas from the Permian Basin in west Texas to the US Gulf Coast. From there, natural gas can be shipped to Mexico, which remains the largest source of US natural gas exports, or be cooled and condensed in the form of liquefied natural gas (LNG) for shipment to countries around the world.

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