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Combining Work and Family in The Pipeline Industry

Navigator C02 trying to build carbon-capture pipeline in Iowa plans to provide CO2 for fuel

Navigator CO2 says it's reached an agreement to provide some of the carbon dioxide it proposes capturing from ethanol and other industrial ag plants in Iowa and four other Midwestern states to a California company to make climate-friendly fuel.

Navigator said it reached an agreement to provide Infinium, a Sacramento-based alternative fuel company, with 600,000 tons of CO2 each year. Navigator said Infinium would reach deals for CO2 with ethanol and other companies sending carbon through the pipeline. 

Navigator has proposed building a $3 billion, 1,300-mile pipeline across Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, South Dakota and Minnesota that will be used to capture carbon dioxide emissions at ethanol, fertilizer and other energy-intensive ag plants, liquefy it under pressure and pump it to Illinois where the company proposes to sequester the bulk of carbon deep underground.

Infinium said the carbon will be used in a future plant but wouldn't say where it might be located.

"We are working on new development opportunities in the Midwest," an Infinium spokeswoman said in an email to the Register.

Navigator's project is one of three carbon-capture pipelines proposed in Iowa, garnering opposition from residents concerned about the possible use of eminent domain to force unwilling property owners to sell access to their land for the pipelines' construction.

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