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Again Transco is Seeking Permits for the Northeast Supply Enhancement Project – Feb, 21, 2020

The Northeast Supply Enhancement Project , a contested proposal to build a pipeline to take natural gas to customers in New York City and Long Island is back before New Jersey regulators.

The Northeast Supply Enhancement Project would add to the existing Transco pipeline and would carry enough gas to heat 2.3 million homes. It would take gas from Pennsylvania through New Jersey and its Raritan Bay to New York.

Oklahoma-based Williams Companies plans to spend $926 million on the project, saying that it is needed to ensure adequate heating and energy supplies to New York City and Long Island, and that it can be built safely with minimal environmental disruption.

But opponents say it is unneeded and will encourage the burning of fossil fuels at a time when climate change is causing serious harm.

Williams filed its latest application with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection on Jan, 21, a filing now made public by the state. The project includes more than 23 miles of pipeline through Raritan Bay into New York, and a compressor station to be built in Franklin Township in Somerset County, New Jersey.

The company has withdrawn its application previously and it has been denied by New Jersey regulators once.

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